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Minh Bach Seafood Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, specializes in processing and trading of frozen sea products with high quality. Our products are trusted in domestic and foreign markets. Thanks to spacious and clean plant, modern equipments and facilities, skillful and professional staff and workers, Minh Bach Seafood Co., Ltd. brings the best products to customers.

Located in the heart of the seafood raw materials area of Mekong river delta, we always ensure to get the fresh, good and abundant source of  raw materials. Product quality and social responsibility are our top consideration.
Currently, the company’s products have been presented in many markets such as Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Canada, European countries,Southeast Asia countries, Middle East countries….
The quality management systems have been applied, approved and certified: GMP, SSOP, HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000 : 2005. Our E.U  approval number: DL 701
Satisfying quality to customers, acceptable price and punctual delivery make our prestige.
*** Some brief informations about our company:
  ** Human resource: 400 staffs and workers.
  ** Total installed capacity: 3,900 metric tons per year.
  ** Our traditional products are :
     * Raw, blanched and boiled Black Tiger shrimp ( Penaeus Monodon ): HOSO, HLSO, PD, PDTO, EZ-PEELED. In types of I.Q.F / Semi – I.Q.F,  Block / Semi – Block frozen.
     * Raw, blanched and boiled Vannamei shrimp ( Litopenaeus Vannamei ): HOSO, HLSO, PD, PDTO, EZ-PEELED. In types of  I.Q.F / Semi – I.Q.F,  Block / Semi –  Block frozen
   ** Factory and its machineries and equipments:
* Total area of the factory: 20,368 m2. In which :
 - Processing area: 5,022 m2
 - Area of subsidary works and office: 3,169 m2
 - Area of yard, garden and road: 12,177 m2
 * Machineries and equipments:
   - Contact freezer: 06 units, capacity: 30 metric tons per day.
   - Tunnel airblast freezer : 01 unit, capacity : 12 metric tons per day.
   -  I.Q.F Tunnel freezer: 02 units, capacity: 20 metric tons per day.
   -  Flake ice machine: 02 units, capacity: 25 metric tons per day.
   -  Blanching equipment: 01 unit, capacity: 05 metric tons per day.
   -  Sizing machine: 02 units, capacity: 500 kgs / unit / hour
   -  Boiling machine:  01 unit, capacity: 500 kgs / hour 
   -  Metal detector: 03 units. Sensitivity level: Fe ≥ 1.2mm. Sus: ≥ 2mm
   -  Vacuum packing machine: 01 Unit.
   -  Shrink – Packing machine: 01 unit.   
   -  Standby power generator: 01 unit.
   -  Cold storage system: 02 units, capacity: 750 metric tons.
And other machineries, equipments to serve for production.

Address: Khuc Treo B village, Tan Phong commune, Gia Rai town, Bac Lieu province, Viet Nam.
Tel: +84(0)988.997.777 - Fax: (+ 84) 291 361 0779
Email: minhbachseafoodvn@gmail.com - Website: www.minhbachseafood.com
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