Date Update: 28/06/2011
In 2004, the agricultural sector Tam Nong district, Dong Thap province have built successful pilot fish farming in rice fields earned more than 50 million / ha, to help farmers increase income in the same area production, the first step to effectively implement the restructuring of agriculture suited to each ecoregion in the localities.
Date Update: 27/06/2011
In "Land of Agarwood" of poets, cultural Roger (published May 7-1969), the author mentions a number of delicious dishes in Khanh Hoa. For seafood, there are two items mentioned
Date Update: 27/06/2011
The seafood is very strange names like U-screws her breast ... is well-known specialties of the sea areas of Vietnam, which have come to your place when you have a chance to enjoy.
Date Update: 27/06/2011
My hometown is not the Cam Ranh. But long ago I saw this land is my second home. Round, winding path along the beautiful sea, through countless
Date Update: 27/06/2011
Opportunities and challenges when Vietnam joins the WTO is a problem, "weighed heavily" on businesses in general and the processing of canned food in particular. As a leading enterprise in Vietnam Joint Stock Company Ha Long Canned Food is no exception to the above.
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